Blood Moon Shelf

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All artwork designs copyright and should not be reproduced. Listing does not include any additional props & accessories used for photos. The purchase of this artwork does not include reproduction rights. © Bella Harris x Wooden Ophelia 

Blood Moon
Beautiful handmade crescent curio shelf adds instant magic to any room of your home. Woodwork and design handcrafted from scratch with the utmost care and attention to detail. We have treated each piece to ensure its longevity and durability of construction. 

Carefully curated, each design allocates a special energy and warmth, and is truly one of a kind and exclusive to itself. But please remember we are not perfect so this handmade design is not factory perfect. Contact me with any questions prior to purchase.

Approx 15" round | 4 x 15" crescent | 4" wide shelves

▲ You will receive the exact moon shelf shown.
▲ Crafted of wood with light cherry walnut hand-blended stain.
▲ Flush mount hardware included and ready to hang.
▲ Crystals and other oddities shown not included with this piece. 

Due to the weight and durability, oversized shipping materials are required. Each piece will be shipped using a variety of secure packing materials and the most affordable means of transit.