Spirit Planchette | Amazonite Sphere

15 USD

This is the tool, you supply the magick. Handmade wooden planchette with a removable Amazonite sphere can be used for automatic writing, mystical drawings, seances or simply placed in your home for a one-of-a-kind decoration.

Stunning Amazonite with smoky quartz and tourmaline inclusions.
Amazonite Properties: one of my favorite stones! Far beyond its gorgeous planetary aqua, black, and mint variations, this special stone is said to enhance communication, integrity, hope, and trust. It also harnesses healing powers to facilitate emotional issues and chakra balancing. Ideal for metaphysical healing properties, displaying on altars or in terrariums, or add to your existing collection.

Dimensions of moon: approximately 5.5 x 4" (length x width)
Sphere: 84 grams

Woodwork and design concept are handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail through dedication and perseverance by original moon shelf creator, artist Bella Harris. Carefully curated, each design allocates a special energy and warmth from my studio to your home. Ooak design is full of charm and not meant to be factory perfect. Feel free to contact me with any questions prior to purchase!

  You will receive the exact planchette & stone sphere shown in the photos.
  Please note that all monitors are different and color may vary slightly depending on your settings.
  Each specimen is unique and beautifully imperfect.
▲  All designs and images are copyright and should not be reproduced or used.
▲  Listing does not include any additional props & accessories.